In the wet milling industry there are a variety of machines and equipment used to break down particles and increase dispersion. One machine that has increased efficiency and productivity is the basket milling machine also referred to as a batch mill.

Custom Milling & Consulting, located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, has technicians and engineers with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing wet milling equipment.

They manufacture horizontal media mills, planetary mixers, high shear mixers, and batch mills. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology and can be designed to your specific needs.

The basket milling machine has helped industries such as the inks, paints, coatings, and even the food to increase the productivity. It is designed to be able to reduce particles size while at the same time mixing and blending materials together. With the all wetted stainless steel parts the clean up after one product is quick and easy and provides the ability to change to the next product in minimal time.

There are two shafts that are powered to circulate independently from each other. On the one end of a shaft is a propeller that feeds liquid towards the other shaft that has a basket containing media on the end. The basket is stabilized and inside is a shaft with pins on it that agitates the media.

As the media is agitated it naturally forms into rows as it moves around in the basket. The media rotates in the same direction but at different speeds. As the material passes through the media, the surface area shears the agglomerates and the pressure forces them to break apart. This will only be effective as long as there is not too much media or too little media in the basket.


  • Heavy duty lift and bridge with chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Large sealed-for-life bearings
  • All stainless steel wetted construction
  • Wire basket available in a variety of slot openings
  • Air-over-oil lit system
  • Water manifold to control cooling water flow to jacketed mix tanks
  • PLC controlled operator interface with remote monitoring capability

We give our customer the option to integrate our Smart Package with the equipment. This package allows the operator to program in the mixing settings and the sensors monitor the temperature, speed, and viscosity of the materials. The program will automatically adjust those variables as it senses changes in the formulation.

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