Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has been leading the way in particle size reduction and dispersion in a liquid medium for over a decade. CMC is a full service toll milling company that offers companies the ability to increase their profitability by utilizing CMC’s custom processing services.

There are many benefits that custom processing has to offer, one of the major benefits is the ability to be flexible with production sizes and schedule. In the beginning of 2016 CMC nearly doubled their existing toll milling division, to be able to produce thousands of pounds of product per day.

Horizontal bead mills, batch mills, mixers and dispersers are just some of the equipment that makes up CMC’s custom processing division. The bead mills and equipment are designed with the latest particle size reduction technology, and can achieve sub-micron particle sizes and consistent dispersions. The mills can be configured specifically to your product and outfitted, CMC can specifically designate part of the production area for a customer that requires a lot of product and/or has strict processing requirements.

Customers will also have access to a wide range of quality control testing from drawn down rods, particle size analysis, viscometers, and much more in the analytical testing lab. The technicians that perform the test are highly trained on every piece of equipment with years of experience.

CMC has access and relations with vendors and has the ability to order raw materials, inventory and store them for the customer, and helping them save time and money. With the programmable fill station customers can also take advantage of CMC packaging and labeling the end product that gets sent directly to the consumer. Every step of the processing is documented by CMC employees and recorded in order to meet your ISO requirements. From the receiving of raw materials to the actual production, and the packaging will all be recorded for the customer.

Additional Benefits:

  • Manufacturer absorbs the liability reducing the customer’s risk
  • No capital investment for new equipment
  • Do not need to obtain additional certifications
  • Fully trained staff of operators manufacturing the product
  • Assistance with trouble shooting and formulation development

For additional information about CMC customer processing services and how it can assist you in growing your business, contact us as or call 610-926-0984.