Custom Milling and Consulting, Inc. (CMC) manufactures horizontal media mills, high shear mixers, multi-shaft mixers and basket mills in Mexico and other countries throughout the world.

We manufacture wet milling/grinding machines that are designed to reduce particle size and increase dispersion in a liquid medium.

Our staff of engineers and technicians use their 25 years of experience and knowledge to manufacture top of the line machines. We are located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania and have more than 35,000 square feet of space. Our facility houses our main offices, toll milling services, assembly area, and storage of spare parts.

Basket mills in Mexico have revolutionized the paint, ink, coatings, and dye industries.

The all stainless steel wetted parts make clean up easy and quick by spraying down the basket or dunking it in a tank of solvent. Within in a short time the operator is ready for the next batch.

If you integrate the CMC SMART Package you can program in the desired temperature, viscosity, and the speed that the machine should be operating at. If the product begins to overheat or the viscosity is not thick enough the sensors that are monitoring the product will send a signal to the main hub. From there the computer will make adjustments to the equipment.

What does a basket mill do?

Basket mills are designed to blend and mix materials in a liquid form together while still breaking down agglomerates in the product, and are perfect for Mexican businesses in various sectors. Agglomerate is a group of particles bound together that form a type of cluster. To break this down you need special equipment that has the parts.

The screen that the basket is made of has slots all around it that the material is fed through by a shaft with a propeller on the end. As the liquid passes through the slots and through the media that is agitated by a set of pins on another shaft, it is broken down.

The pressure applied to the particles as it is forced through the media, shears the particles and forces them to disperse.

Benefits to partnering with CMC:

  • One on one consultation with an engineer
  • Technical support through the whole process
  • Installation and startup of the equipment
  • After market support
  • Inventory of spare parts to minimize down time
  • Customer service support

If your company is interested in a Basket Mill in Mexico or any other area of the world contact us at to speak to representative today.