Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC), located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania USA, is a global leader in the wet milling industry. Over the last several decades companies have been seeking out new technology that is capable of achieving smaller particle sizes, cleaner dispersions, and a better quality product.

CMC manufactures high shear dispersers, multi-shaft mixer, horizontal media mills, and basket mill for India and many countries around the world.

To achieve these results there are two processes that can be used; wet milling/grinding or dry milling/grinding. Dry grinding can be more cost effective but has a higher risk of contamination and combustibility because it is harder to contain in one area. Wet milling is safer and produces a finer grind and high quality product. As a smaller particle size is achieved the product can be more durable, longer lasting and with a few products can produce a byproduct; such as ethanol from corn.

How does a basket mill work?

There are two shafts that rotate at different speeds and are submerged in the liquid material in the tank. One shaft has a propeller on the end that feed the liquid towards the basket screen. On the second shaft there is a sequence of pins that agitate the media in the basket/screen.

This creates a vortex that forces the liquid to be pushed to the bottom and recirculate to the top with in the tank.

As liquid passes through the screen it is broken down by the media and it orients itself into rows rotating at different speeds all moving in the same direction. As the liquid moves through the media the particles are sheared and dispersed into the liquid.

The stress applied to the particles is what cause the particles to break apart.

To increase productivity CMC offer the ability to integrate the SMART package into the milling process. This software program gives the operator the option to pre-program the setting of the machine, from the speed of the shafts, this viscosity of the material, or the temperature that the product has to stay at.

There are sensors that will monitor the process and make adjustments as needed.

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