Automobile, petroleum, oil and chemicals are some of the leading industries in Brazil.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. (CMC) has been manufacturing horizontal media mills, high shear mixers, and basket mills for companies in Brazil and throughout South America since our doors opened in 2002.

Our experts on staff have more than 25 years of experience in the wet milling industry.

The basket mill in Brazil is also known as a batch mill and is referenced as a “true workhorse” in the wet milling world. This machine offers companies to increase production by being able to switch from one product to another in minimal time. There are two ways to clean the basket and the propeller; one is by spraying it down or dunking the two shafts in a tank of solvent and let run for a few minutes.

The design of the machine has revolutionized industries like paints, inks, coatings, and dyes. Years ago it would take multiple machines to achieve the results that a basket mill is able to. There would be one machine to mix the raw materials together and another to break down particles to increase dispersion.  The process would take several days instead of just a few hours, but now you can do both with one machine. Two shafts spinning at different rates forcing the material through the media creates a vortex that circulates the materials and shears the agglomerate at the same time.

CMC wants to see their customers succeed and will take the time to work with you to manufacture a machine that will meet your needs. Within our 70,000 square foot facility we have contract processing service, assembly line, inventory of spare parts and a pilot lab.

Our pilot lab is available to all our customers. You can run a test on one of our machines prior to investing in new equipment. Or if you want to try a new product on the market before heading into full scale production our lab technician will be available to assist.

Features of a Basket Mill:

  • All wetted stainless steel parts
  • Chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Heavy-duty lift and bridge
  • Air-over oil- lift system provides easy transition between batches
  • Water manifold to control cooling water flow to jacketed mix tanks
  • Inverted CMX wedge wire basket in a variety of slot openings
  • Easy to clean parts

Contact CMC to speak with us about installing a basket mill in Brazil or any other country in South America at