If your company is manufacturing paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, food, or cosmetics Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. (CMC) can build the right machine for your needs.

We have a line of basket mills that are designed for industries that need to change between products rapidly. Our facility is headquartered in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania USA, and is a global leader in manufacturing particle size reduction and basket mills for companies in Argentina and around the world.

There are many machines like horizontal media mills, high shear dispersers and submersion-type basket media mills that are used in the wet milling industry. Wet milling is a process of taking a liquid media or “slurry” and blending it with special equipment to reduce particle sizes. A basket mill is the ideal machine for mixing, dispersion and reducing agglomerates all at the same time.

What is agglomerate?

Agglomerate is a cluster of particles that form around a nucleus. To break it apart you need a special kind of material that can apply pressure to the agglomerate and force it to disperse. With wet milling the liquid is pushed into to the smallest of crevices of the agglomerate and a rotor stator or media adds the pressure to make it break. This process will also help reduce re-agglomeration of particles.

The basket mills we build for Argentinian businesses have been designed to blend material together while still reducing particles in one process instead of two separate processes. There are two shafts that are both submerged in the liquid and rotate at the same speed or independently from one another. One shaft has a basket on the end of the shaft that is filled with media. There are pins inside that spin around agitating the media. On the second shaft there is a propeller that pushes the liquid towards the basket creating a vortex.

Wet milling equipment offers several advantages including:

  • Finer, consistent dispersion
  • Smaller particle sizes
  • High shear performance
  • Can handle diverse viscosities
  • Less energy consumption
  • Higher efficiency in production

Our technicians and engineers have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and knowledge in distillation, milling, grinding, de-agglomeration and emulsification.

If your company is located in Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and La Plata and you are interested in our innovative basket mills in Argentina, contact CMC today at 610-926-0984 or sales@cmcmilling.com for more information.